Statues, Gravestones, Monuments

STF-3D has finished another pack for UE4 Marketplace: historical 3D-Scanned, retopologized Statues, Gravestones, Cherubs, and monumental Tombstones.Whether you want to use them to detail a cemetery or a crypt, or to achieve impressive visuals in a museum environment, these props will be a useful addition to your vault.

Most of the Meshes are from the neoclassical/fin de siècle periods, resembling art from the classic age, the renaissance, and later times.All 11 assets come with LODs – we have included very high-poly LOD0s and 1s just in case the high poly versions are needed, so if you want to start with a lower count, we suggest using the LOD1 or 2 as LOD0.

The simple background planes and arches from the promotional video are NOT included, but if you’re interested in the sources for those, we will gladly make them available to you.

Collisions are auto-generated for all objects.

Feedback is always appreciated!

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Technical Details

Triangle Counts:

  • Object01 LOD0: 8308, LOD3: 1037
  • Object02 LOD0: 16311, LOD3: 2088
  • Object03 LOD0: 17555, LOD3: 2193
  • Object04 LOD0: 17259, LOD3: 2156
  • Object05 LOD0: 13698, LOD3: 1711
  • Object06 LOD0: 24520, LOD3: 3064
  • Object07 LOD0: 9510, LOD3: 1137
  • Object08 LOD0: 9409, LOD3: 1176
  • Object09 LOD0: 8392, LOD3: 1048
  • Object10 LOD0: 5235, LOD3: 654
  • Object11 LOD0: 27192, LOD3: 3390

Texture Sizes: 4096x4096 for all objects

Number of Materials and Instances: 2 Materials, 12 Material Instances

Number of Textures: 44

Meshes: 11 Statues, Gravestones, Cherubs etc.

Suitable Platform: PC, VR, Mac

Collisions: Yes

LODs: Up to 3