About Us

We are STF-3d GbR, a company based in Stuttgart, Germany, created with the purpose of distributing high quality content to digital marketplaces.

Our specialty is the creation of photogrammetry-based assets, meaning that we create photographic scans of objects – architecture, nature, organic and manmade -, then retopologize, texturize and import them into the corresponding graphic engines.

Our work is suitable for architectural visualisation, video game development and all other applications that require a high grade of realism and, performance-wise, efficient optimizing.

We hope to welcome you as a customer soon.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us under the e-mail address listed in the imprint.

Best regards,




Stephan is our photogrammetry specialist. He is the one roaming through forests, ravines and across mountains hunting for excellent, remarkable objects to scan.



Til is the general manager of STF. He does most of the accounting, takes care of communications and public relations, and tries to resolve issues with our products.




Tony is our go-to-guy for the Unity Asset Store. His years long experience with the Unity Engine makes him the perfect candidate to bring our work to more audiences around the globe.



Martin is our code specialist. Martin is a highly proficient artist with great experience in UE4 material systems, contributing to most of our technical knowledge base.



Victor, an experienced gaming industry professional, has joined our ranks in Spring 2018. His main responsibility is the precise retopology of our highpoly 3D-scans, turning them into neatly trimmed, highly efficient game-ready objects. We are happy to announce that much more of his work is going to be found in our upcoming projects.



Jutta is part of both our scanning / field team, and the 2D- / 3D- machinery behind it, creating mostly foliage, plants and trees for our Asset Packs. Her specialty is the production of textures and realistically grown plant life, the way that it is found in nature.


Field Team:


Zylfrax is our first technical associate. Based in Oregon, USA, he is helping us out with photo-scans of objects from the other side of the world that we otherwise would have no access to.